Sheridan Fire station needs volunteers |

Sheridan Fire station needs volunteers


Residents are hosting a pot luck 3 p.m. Dec. 2 at the Sheridan fire station to recruit anyone interested in serving as volunteers.

An effort is underway to bring volunteers back to The East Fork Fire District’s rural fire stations.

Concerns from neighbors after a leaf burn resulted in the destruction of a Sheridan Acres home prompted the district to seek recruits in the outlying areas.

Rumors regarding the closure of Sheridan Acres Fire Station are false, but volunteers are needed, East Fork Fire Chief Tod Carlini said.

Neighbors are working with the fire district and current volunteers, Margaret Biggs, Nate Leising and Les Hodgson, who have been volunteer firefighters for nearly a century to develop a plan to keep the station viable.

“Areas such as Sheridan, Ruhenstroth, and Genoa are at a critical point,” Carlini said. “Other areas are doing better, such as Fish Springs, Johnson Lane, Gardnerville and even Topaz Lake have seen increases in volunteer numbers.”

The district’s volunteer numbers have grown from 34 two years ago to more than 60, and include eight recruits in the new fall training.

Sheridan’s remaining three volunteers all participated in fighting the Indian Trail fire, with initial responders on scene within 16 minutes of dispatch.

Neighbors said it was closer to 22 minutes before an engine arrived capable of suppressing the fire.

“Just because you may live near a fire station, especially our volunteer stations, doesn’t mean that our response times are going to be within minutes,” Carlini said. “Our volunteers are very dedicated to their work, but it is an unrealistic expectation that volunteers are always going to be available.”

Residents are hosting a potluck at 3 p.m. Dec. 2 at the Sheridan fire station to recruit anyone interested in serving as volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering in the Sheridan area or anywhere in the East Fork jurisdiction can also contact the East Fork Fire Protection District at 775-782-9040 or visit the East Fork website at The application period is open year around and training is provided twice a year. The next logistical volunteer training will be sometime between February and April with wildland fire training being conducted in May.