Shelter drooling over KalKan donation |

Shelter drooling over KalKan donation

by Christy Chalmers

Douglas County Animal Control Supervisor Rhonda Moore asked for some of everything a Northern Nevada pet food manufacturer had to offer, and the company delivered.

Actually, Moore had to borrow a trailer and drive to the Kal Kan Foods, Inc. plant east of Reno to collect the nine pallets of cat and dog food that Kal Kan donated. But the time was well-spent.

“This food will last us at least a year,” said Moore. “I got a little bit of everything to see what the dogs would like. They seem to like it all so far.”

Kal Kan manufactures Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba, Waltham, Kal Kan Optimum and Aquarian cat and dog food brands. The company recently picked the Douglas County animal shelter to receive donations of pet food indefinitely.

Kal Kan Personnel Director Kathy Williams said the company has made similar donations to Lyon County, as well as police and rescue canine units in the region, and considers the gifts a good way to help the communities where it operates.

“We’re in it for the long haul,” said Williams. “We’re not flush with money by any means, but what we do have to offer is pet food.”

The Nevada plant produces 180,000 tons of pet food a year. Williams said the Douglas donation is worth $5,575.

Before the donation was approved, the Douglas County shelter had to pass muster with Kal Kan. Moore learned of Kal Kan’s donation program from a plant manager who adopted a cat from the shelter.

Follow-up on the lead resulted in a tour of each other’s facilities. Williams said the shelter’s philosophies matched Kal Kan’s, and the donations were OK’d.

Moore said the shelter had budgeted $2,000 this year for food. With the grocery bills handled, Moore plans to spend the money on projects like the shelter socialization yard, larger kennels and dog runs, spaying and neutering and outreach.

“There’s always a place that the money can go,” said Moore. “We’ll still have to purchase little things here and there.”

In accepting the donation, Moore did agree to limit her charges to the Kal Kan brands. She has no objections.

“They were wonderful,” she said. “I really felt it was an honor to have them come out and choose our animal shelter.”