Shaky gazebo in need of work |

Shaky gazebo in need of work

It may be time for some needed shoring up of the 33-year-old Mindem Park gazebo.

"Town employees noticed in the last couple of years when they were on the roof to install Christmas lights that the structure felt like it swayed and may need to be reinforced," Town Manager Jenifer Davidson said.

On Wednesday, Minden Town Board members asked staff to look for additional options to retrofit the structure.

BJG Architecture & Engineering performed a structural analysis on the gazebo after workers said the structure felt wobbly when they were on the roof.

According to a memo, when the firm checked where the columns meet the basement floor, no sign of connection hardware was found.

"It seems that the column may be embedded in the foundation," BJG's Clifford Johnson wrote. "At the gazebo floor level, the connection appeared to be two pieces of wood nailed to the column and to the adjacent framing members. This connection is not adequate for a structural connection."

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Johnson said the columns appear to be overstressed by at least half, under current code.

The firm is recommending strengthening the columns themselves, the connection of the columns at the gazebo floor level and the connection at the top of the columns to the roof framing.

There had been a bandstand at the center of Minden Park for at least a century.

The current gazebo was built and dedicated to the town on July 8, 1984. Organizer John Hamer was the secretary-treasurer of Minden Rotary club when the project started. He estimated it cost the club $65,000 to complete the work.

The gazebo was designed by architect Peter Wilday, who also designed the Carson Valley Inn and the old Coldwell Banker Itildo building.

According to accounts at the time, clearing the old bandstand was simple, but underneath builders found a sewer pipe intersection embedded in concrete. They cleared the concrete out with dynamite.

Minden has set aside $250,000 for the gazebo.