Sex with underage girl earns jail time for 35-year-old man |

Sex with underage girl earns jail time for 35-year-old man

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A 35-year-old Minden man was ordered Tuesday to serve 60 days in Douglas County Jail as part of probation for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

District Judge Tod Young sentenced Shaun Leroy Brown to three years in prison, suspended, and placed him on five years probation.

Brown admitted he had sex with the girl in May 2012.

Prosecutor Erik Levin asked for jail time to punish Brown, and send a message to the community that such criminal behavior would not be tolerated.

“We will not have open season on our young people,” Levin said.

At issue was whether Brown knew the victim’s age.

His lawyer, Jamie Henry, said he did not, but Levin said the victim claimed Brown asked her age, and she told him.

Henry also pointed out that the girl said she liked Brown, and didn’t want charges filed against him.

“That’s why he is charged with this (lesser) crime and not sexual assault,” Young said.

The criminal complaint is a “C” felony because the victim was younger than 16, and Brown was older than 21.

Brown apologized, and said he was intoxicated, but did not blame his behavior on alcohol. Young said he was offended that Brown seemed to blame everyone but himself for the crime.

He told Brown to make sure he follows all the conditions of release set by parole and probation, and ordered him to turn himself in on Saturday to begin the jail term.

Brown must register as a sex offender. He allowed Brown to complete a summer course at Truckee Meadows Community College, but he’ll be in jail for the second part of the semester.

Brown was arrested on March 1 as a result of a warrant requested by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office after an investigation.

■ A 19-year-old California man who admitted having sex with a 14-year-old girl was sentenced Tuesday to probation, and ordered to serve 10 weekends in Douglas County Jail.

Luis Alberto Silla Gonzalez pleaded guilty to unlawful contact with a child. In exchange for his plea, the state dropped a more serious charge of statutory sexual seduction.

The lesser plea takes into consideration the age difference between the victim and the suspect at the time of the offense, Nov. 22-Dec. 6, 2012.

Gonzalez’s attorney, Greg Wilkin, said his client was immature and didn’t understand at the time he was breaking the law.

“He has certainly developed a good understanding why what he did was so wrong,” Wilkin said.

“I didn’t know it was a crime,” Gonzalez told District Judge Tod Young on Tuesday.

Young sentenced him to 12 months in jail, suspended, and placed him on probation for three years.

He must stay away from the victim.