Sentencing in ex-felon firearm charge delayed |

Sentencing in ex-felon firearm charge delayed

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A Manteca man’s sentencing date was delayed after he hired a new attorney on Monday.

Anthony George Gonsalves, 41, faces up to five years in prison on a charge of attempted possession of a firearm by an ex-felon. He was arrested in August on a dozen felonies and misdemeanors.

Attorney Tod Young took over Gonsalves’ defense from Derrick Lopez on Monday.

Gibbons told Young there appeared to be some issues with the pre-sentence report.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, deputies pulled Gonsalves over shortly after midnight Aug. 28 after witnesses reported a pickup truck unable to maintain travel lanes on Highway 395 northbound at Riverview Drive. The vehicle drove into a 25-mph zone at 40 mph and drifted between lanes.

The truck was pulled over, and deputies said Gonsalves’ speech indicated he was under the influence of a controlled substance.

He was unable to produce a driver’s license and a records check confirmed it had been suspended, along with the license plate.