Sentencing delayed for man who shot up home |

Sentencing delayed for man who shot up home

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Sentencing was continued until Feb. 8 for a 66-year-old Johnson Lane man who admitted shooting up his own house to frighten his wife.

Attorney Charles Zumpft asked Tuesday that sentencing be delayed for William Calebaugh because the victim was in Arizona for her mother’s funeral.

“She wanted to address the court in support of her husband,” Zumpft said.

District Judge Dave Gamble also set the sentencing out to consider arguments on prosecutor Laurie Trotter’s claim that Calebaugh is ineligible for drug court because of the violent nature of the offense and his criminal history.

Zumpft recently filed a reply to Trotter’s motion and she asked for an opportunity to respond.

Calebaugh was arrested on Sept. 30 after firing a rifle into the floor of his home prompting a second visit from Douglas County deputies in less than a year.

In November 2009 Calebaugh was accused of threatening his wife with a .45 caliber handgun. He assured the judge he had disposed of his firearms, but when deputies entered his home in September, they found more than 100 weapons.

Calebaugh had been drinking and was up to a .256 blood alcohol content when he was taken into custody Sept. 30.

Calebaugh will no longer be permitted to own a firearm if he’s found guilty of a felony.

Gamble allowed Calebaugh to travel to Phoenix without an ankle monitor for his mother-in-law’s funeral, but he must return by Sunday, reattach the device and return to supervision by the Department of Alternative Sentencing.

He’s also ordered to attend 12-step meetings in Phoenix and return with sign-up sheets as proof.