Senior Scene: Family Fun and a sunrise |

Senior Scene: Family Fun and a sunrise

In many ways it's a culmination, an inventory of life. Greedy airlines cost Coby and Nozomi full fares from Honolulu for Kiyrin and Seyrin, our under-3 year old great-grand twins. Marla and Steve (grandparents), JJ, Danielle and Kelly have never seen them (neither have we) and they all wait for them as they step off the plane in San Jose.

Simultaneously in Smith Valley, Orllyene cripples her knee doing housework. We go to urgent care in Gardnerville, at the same time her brother La Mar is about to arrive in Reno.

I call a devoted neighbor. "Hi Karen, I was wondering if you could meet Jet Blue's 2:18 flight in Reno?" She immediately says yes and the curtain goes up on our family reunion.

Angels abound. Nearby neighbor Katie Williams lends us her vacant 4 bedroom-3 bath house, and Georgia Fulstone opens up her guest cabin on the bluff overlooking the alfalfa fields of Smith Valley. Our traveling family now has a place to bed down. Whew!

On Saturday, everyone drifts in. Tony was in bumper to bumper traffic from San Francisco to Sacramento. Crystal calls Marla, her mom: "Mom, my flight was canceled but Uncle Tom will pick Chasen (5 years old) and me up in Reno. It's all coming together and by twilight a crowd of kids and adults is playing soccer on the front lawn. By 7 p.m., Tom is heavy into a vegan dinner preparation. Two tables are jammed together and we toast our good fortune. Some have never met, some have never even come West, and here we are getting to know each other.

Next day the Reno contingent, Mark, Jenelle, their 3 little girls — Violet, 1, Rose, 3, and Lily, 5, arrive, as do our son Randy and his wife, Rosemary. JJ is barbecuing ribs, a hefty pot of beans is on the table and 24 ears of corn are up for grabs. Randy harvests our pumpkin crop, Rosemary hammers out I.D. family tags for everyone and Jenelle captures photographically memories of each glorious detail.

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Next day it is time to give the twins a taste of down home fun. We pull off the road in Wilson Canyon. Is there anything more fun than little boys throwing rocks in the river?

Time is short; we go to Bridgeport, Twin Lakes and Bodie all in one day.

Then life changes, the throng is gone, and a challenge is awaiting on the horizon. Stepping out of our shower, I hear a "click," and I'm now walking with a cane. In 2012, I had two hip replacements, and my plan now is to have an x-ray done tomorrow morning in Reno. Hopefully Dr. Martin Anderson is available and good friend Karen is once again helping us out with the transportation.

So many good things have happened during our week long four generation get together. Now it's time for a little faith, not to mention courage.

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