Senior juggles full time job and school work |

Senior juggles full time job and school work

by Sarah Drinkwine |
Douglas High School 2018 Graduate Paulina Narvarro.
Sarah Drinkwine

High school alone can be a lot to juggle, but add a full-time job and relocating to a new country to the mix and try not to drop a ball.

That is what it was like for Douglas High School senior Paulina Narvarro, juggling four jobs at one point, school, homework and homelife, downtime and sleep.

Narvarro and other Douglas and ASPIRE seniors are graduating from high school on Thursday.

“I would tell people, ‘what’s sleep,’” said Narvarro. “I had to look for time to do homework, sleep and go to school. School was actually my only time off. A diploma is what kept me going and making my mom feel proud of me.”

Navarro moved to Douglas County from Mexico in 2015 and enrolled as a 10th-grader at Douglas High School.

“The hardest part was overcoming English,” she said. “I would hear people talk, but it was like ‘zoom, speedy Gonzales,’ and I’d have tell them to slow down and repeat it several times for me to get it.”

Douglas High School Registrar Anita Ovard said despite all Narvarro had to face; from working full time, her past and her school work, she has worked hard and deserves her spot on the stage Thursday.

“She is a rockstar,” said Ovard. “It’s hard not to love a student who didn’t speak English, has a big smile on her face, who has been through so much and is still working hard to succeed. She is a role model to herself and others.”

After high school, Narvarro plans to attend Paul Mitchell in Reno to become a hairstylist. After that she is moving to California to study law.

“I don’t like no as an answer, it’s just not in my vocabulary,” she said. “There is only victory and I want to help others the way the school has helped me overcome challenges and I like to make people feel good about themselves. I want them to say ‘no one can judge me, I know who I am.’”

Narvarro quoted Dr. Suess in her final encouragement to underclassmen.

“‘You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’”

“Don’t give up on your dreams, even if it’s hard to accomplish, because it’s the best feeling ever when you do,” she said.