Senior center celebrates the luck of the Irish |

Senior center celebrates the luck of the Irish

by Caryn Haller
Shannon Litz/The Record-Courier

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Gardnerville resident Hazel Carter got pinched once in the third grade for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Committed to never being pinched again, the 76-year-old came prepared for an early St. Patrick’s Day lunch at the Douglas County Senior Center on Friday wearing a crocheted multi-green poncho with matching hat, a shamrock necklace and flashing shamrock pendant.

“I’m Scots-Irish, and I don’t like being pinched,” Carter said. “I got pinched one time and I’ve been wearing green ever since. I like corned beef and cabbage, and green beer.”

The senior center celebrated the day by serving green apple cider, green jello and corned beef and cabbage.

Originally from London, 99-year-old Emily Glass said St. Patrick’s Day was one of her favorite holidays.

“I like green. In England we go to the pubs and have a green beer,” she said. “I’ve been pinched several times, and I give tit-for-tat. If somebody pinches me, they get it right back.”

The story of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who converted numerous Gaelic Irish to Christianity, is what LaVerne Jory enjoys about the day.

The 70-year-old sported a green corsage, leprechaun earrings and a button stating “Power to the Little People.”

“Hopefully, when people think about St. Patrick’s Day they will want to do good things for people, and have fun doing it,” Jory said.

Barbara Dugan will be celebrating her 75th birthday on Sunday, and wore a green birthday tiara, and a shamrock tie and necklace.

“We always party on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m Irish,” Dugan said. “My grandma called me Patty because out of 40 grandchildren I was the only one born on St. Patrick’s day. She was from Dublin, and Dublin is a totally Irish city.”

Enjoying his green cider, John Gerard, 87, wore a green sweatshirt.

“I was told either wear green or don’t come,” the Gardnerville resident joked.

He said he attended the lunch for the people, not the corned beef and cabbage.

“There are the friendliest people in the world in this Valley,” he added.