Sen. Raggio resigns senate seat |

Sen. Raggio resigns senate seat

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Sen. Bill Raggio resigned his state senate seat effective Jan. 15.

The longest serving Nevada senator cited health concerns about serving in the 2011 Legislature.

Raggio was ousted as Senate Minority leader last year over his support for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

“I am today announcing my retirement as state senator,” he said in a statement issued today. “This will allow the Board of County Commissioners to appoint a successor to serve in the forthcoming 2011 Nevada Legislative session.

“I had hoped to complete the remainder of my 10th elected term, but my physical mobility

simply does not allow me to function fully, and therefore it is time for me to step aside

for someone who can give the position a 100 percent effort.

“I am hopeful the commissioners will take the opportunity to appoint someone well-

qualified, who shares my political values, and who will commit to working with others

and across party lines to do what is in the best interests of our communities and our state.

“Dale and I look forward to retirement from elected public service, however, I intend to

stay active in our law firm and certainly look forward to remaining involved in the

decisions affecting the future of Nevada and in a position to offer assistance, if asked.

“I am extremely honored and privileged to have been allowed to serve in public office for

more than 56 years. To the citizens of Washoe County, I extend my sincere gratitude for

your support for so many years.”