Seeman Ranch could become fishing pond |

Seeman Ranch could become fishing pond

A pond on the Seeman property could become an urban fishery under a plan proposed by Minden Chairman Matt Bernard.
Kurt Hildebrand

An effort to acquire 11.21 acres of the Seeman Ranch could lead to a new urban fishing pond.

Minden Town Board members supported a move by Town Chairman Matt Bernard to have a portion of the ranch off Buckeye Road transferred to the town for creation of the new pond.

The county purchased 35 acres of land from the Dean Seeman Trust behind the Carson Valley Inn in 2011 for $1.4 million in Question One grant funds.

The property provides for a pathway behind from Buckeye Road to Jake’s Wetlands off Lucerne.

However, Bernard pointed out that the county hasn’t done much else with the property which is in the flood plain.

“The county hasn’t been able to do much with it,” Bernard said. “The town is uniquely situated to take over the property. That’s why we take over roads and landscaping.”

The pond would be a feature along the Martin Slough Trail, which will eventually stretch from Lampe Park through both towns.

“The fishing pond is just one thing we can do on that 11.2 acres,” Bernard said.

Unlike the Chichester ponds, Minden has surface water rights.

“We acquire surface water rights at times,” he said. “We have a fair bag of surface rights we don’t use. We can take those rights in the spring and summer and put some fresh water in there. When that runs out we’re lucky enough to have a lot underground water rights.”

Bernard pointed out that having cold water going into the pond will help keep the fish habitat in good condition.

He said he’s visited Mitch Pond in the Gardnerville Ranchos, and likes the idea of urban fisheries.

“They have to try and put oxygen in it, but Minden can do better,” he said. “We can turn it into something pretty special. It will be a nice piece for the town to have near the Bently Heritage Project.”

In order to apply for grants to pay for the project, the town would have to have title.

“I like the idea of trying to turn something that’s not doing anything,” board member William Souligny. “Overall, I’d like to see something happen over there.”

Board member Roxanne Stangle said she spent a lot of time growing up on the Seeman Ranch.

“This would enhance the community and the town and put a piece of land to use that is currently doing nothing,” she said.

Resident Beverly Giannappolis said she likes to fish.

“I’ve fished all the places around here, and it would be really cool to have one that close to home,” she said. “It would also provide another program for young people.”

Resident Debra Lang said that the easement issues with the state are pushing completion of the trail out to next year.

“If you acquire the property the Carson Valley Inn could pave portions that aren’t in hostage mode,” she said. “They could open up their portion and we would at least have something to that parking lot.”