Seeking info for Pine Nut crosses |

Seeking info for Pine Nut crosses

by Kurt Hildebrand

Ruhenstroth resident Howard Althouse brought me a memento of one of his treks into the Pine Nut Mountains on Monday.

Howard and his friends were south of Galena Peak when they came across a half-dozen white crosses overlooking Carson Valley.

There aren’t any actual graves there, but he was wondering about their significance.

Whenever something like this comes along I get the vague feeling I’ve heard something before, but I can’t pin it down. If anyone would like to share what the crosses are about, they can drop me a line at and I’ll let Howard know.

Last week early risers were treated to the sight of two halves of a big boat traveling from Mottsville Lane then north on Highway 88 to Highway 395.

According to a caption appearing in the August edition of the Mountain News, the boat is 66 feet long and named “Christina.” It was being converted into a self-propelled art car.

It was headed on Aug. 27 from Lake Tahoe to Burning Man, according to Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Dan Lopez.

Billy Dunn of F&B transported the boat.

According to one of our regulars on The R-C’s running commentaries, there’s a lot of mileage on the boat, which had to be cut in parts to get through Cave Rock. The car was built at the Tahoe Keys.

Burning Man is already in progress in the Black Rock Desert. You’ll know the returnees by the inch-thick layer of dust on their cars and … well, you’ll be able to spot them.

The Genoa Courthouse Museum is only open for the next five weeks or so, but they’re having trouble filling all the spots for volunteers.

Barbara Smallwood said they had eight openings a week for someone to watch the place.

Monday’s are a big day for the museum. Call 782-2555 to volunteer.