Search continues for boater missing at Tahoe |

Search continues for boater missing at Tahoe

Searchers are continuing to seek a New Jersey man, who disappeared at Lake Tahoe on Aug. 10 after the boat he rented was found adrift off Cave Rock.

Unlike the South Lake Tahoe search that resulted in the recovery of the body of a California man, searchers don’t know where Ryan Normoyle, 29, went into the water.

Ian Morlang, 25, was found Thursday afternoon by a cadaver dog working with a dive team and a submersible. Morlang was swimming with two friends when their rental boat drifted away from them. Wearing life jackets resulted in the friends being rescued, but Morlang wasn’t wearing his and drowned.

The search for Morlang, like the one for Normoyle involved multiple agencies at the Lake.

Normoyle was on a vacation to California when he rented the boat.

Undersheriff Ron Elges said searchers are checking Lake currents to try and narrow where he might have gone into the water.

A woodworker, Normoyle was on a three-week vacation in California when he rented a boat for two hours at Lake Tahoe.

No sign of him has been located and he is presumed drowned.