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Search a disaster


In a past life, I made a very excellent living as an executive recruiter staffing major consulting firms with top 1 percent individuals from the Fortune 50 and our nation’s most eminent universities.

With that experience as a basis, I must exclaim in great indignation the decision of our local school board to go for “Plan B” in selection of the new superintendent. The board does neither a service to the students present and future, nor to a school system that will continue to grow as the economy changes.

To pass on an individual of such high quality and whose skill levels and experience could do nothing but pave the way for our kids and counties future success is unconscionable. Are these decision makers afraid of appearing inadequate in light of such distinguished accomplishment?

Or maybe there is a conflict of interest as one of the board members has a distinct conflict in that he will be deciding who his wife’s boss will be? Come on folks, do the right thing for our students and the entire community, this kind of small minded activity is embarrassing at least and surely exhibits dysfunction within the board.

Christopher Lunn

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