Scout renovates Douglas training room |

Scout renovates Douglas training room

Boy Scout Jason Gray, a junior at Douglas High School is refurbishing the athletic training room for his Eagle Scout project.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

As an athlete at Douglas High School junior Jason Gray spends a lot of time in the training room which is where he scored an idea for his Eagle Scout project.

Gray has been a Boy Scout since the second grade and completing a project in the community is the final step in earning an Eagle rank.

The Eagle Scout project is an opportunity for Boy Scouts to demonstrate leadership while completing a project that will benefit the community. Renovating the training room sounded like a good way to earn it, said Gray.

“If you’ve ever spent time in the training room, there’s water damaged floors and everything was just kind of scattered and unorganized,” said Gray. “A part of me just wanted to see this place organized regardless.”

The athletic training room is designed to allow athletic trainers to evaluate students who may have suffered an injury or have a general question about sports medicine.

“The Eagle Scout project is something that will help the community,” said Gray. “This will help student athletes at the school which helps the community because it helps the school.”

Gray pitched the idea of renovating the room when shadowing with sports medicine trainer, Kate McCaffrey, last year.

“I asked her if I could do it. Then we met with then Principal Marty Swisher and current Principal, Joe Girdner. Once we had approval we looked into carpenters and got everything we needed.”

Gray and eight volunteers including athletes from the school and other Scouts gave up their fall break to help with the project.

“We get community service experience in helping with this and it’s going to better our school so it’s going to be sweet,” said junior Teegan Valenzuela, who is on the basketball team with Gray.

Volleyball team members Rachel Hollar and Kendal Moore also jumped on board to help.

“We come in here everyday before practice so it’s nice to see it look different and that people are doing something about it,” said Hollar.

Freshman and Boy Scout Ethan Robison also received an invite for help.

“I needed volunteer hours and I wanted to help the school and see it improved,” said Robison.

The students repainted the walls, put in new floors and organized the clutter.

“I’m hoping it will make a lot of student athletes here happy with the room and will come more for the medical attention,” said Gray.