School safety symposium Oct. 20 |

School safety symposium Oct. 20

by Merrie Leininger

The Douglas County School District Safety Task Force met once again to nail out details in the school safety parents symposium scheduled for Oct. 20.

The symposium, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., will be held in the Douglas High School gym. Keynote speakers Sheriff John Davis of Jefferson County, Colo., and Public Information Officer Sgt. Steve Davis, were heavily involved in the investigation of the Columbine shootings in April.

They will discuss what they learned from the incident and then Douglas County sheriff’s and school personnel will discuss what safety practices the schools have put into place.

“We will get their perspective and insight from their experience. Our idea is their presentation will raise a lot of concerns and questions,” said school Superintendent Pendery Clark. “Then the panel will answer those questions and then parents will go into breakout sessions where they can hear how they can contribute. They will get information about what to look for and things to do if they have concerns.”

The smaller break-out sessions will allow parents to ask questions of people who work with children in the community, including personnel from the district attorney’s office, the juvenile probation office, the mental health department and the school district and sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s deputies and DHS Principal Bev Jeans will share the information they learned at a conference on school safety held in Los Angeles this summer.

The symposium will be held in the Valley, but Lake parents will be provided transportation if needed. Call Whittell High School Principal Howard Bennett at (775) 588-2446 for more information.

Child care will be available and refreshments served afterward.

The safety task force will meet at 3 p.m. on Oct. 14.