School board race draws interest |

School board race draws interest

by Maggie Allen

The Douglas County School District Board of Trustees’ race could arguably be one of the most interesting issues on the Nov. 7 election ballot. The following information may prove helpful as the community looks for information on which to base intelligent choices as they vote.

– How many trustee positions need to be filled?

This year there were five seats to be filled on the board. Jim Keegan was the only candidate who filed for the seat held by Don Forrester for the past eight years but who chose not to run for reelection. Mr. Keegan will run unopposed. Four seats remain to be filled in the November election.

– Are there any other positions that do not have an incumbent trustee running for reelection?

Yes, Randy Wallstrum, after 10 years of service on the board, is not a candidate for reelection.

– Are you only allowed to vote for the candidate who represents your area?

No, trustees serve the whole school district, regardless of where they reside. Every voter will be asked to vote for one candidate in each area of the five areas.

– Are trustees Republican or Democrat?

The trustee position is nonpartisan, (neither Democrat nor Republican) so all registered voters can participate in this election.

– Who are the candidates?

Area 1: David Brady, incumbent; Veronica Hulsey, opponent;

Area 3: George Echan, incumbent; Bill Laughlin, opponent;

Area 4: John Raker, incumbent; Randy Green, opponent;

Area 5: Jim Keegan, unopposed

Area 7: Charles Pullen, Keith Roman.

– How can the community find out more about the candidates, in order to make election choices?

Several candidate forums have been conducted in an effort to familiarize the community with the issues and the individual candidate’s platforms. In addition, The League of Women Voters will conduct a free School Board Candidates Forum. Candidates will give a brief opening and closing speech and a moderator will ask the candidates questions generated by the audience.

– When and where will this forum be held?

The forum will be held Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 6 p.m. at the CVIC Hall.

Childcare will be provided for children ages 3-10.

Hopefully, many people will attend this forum so that they know the issues and the candidates and, based on this information, can make informed decisions when they cast their votes on Nov. 7. It would be a disservice to the students of Douglas County School District to allow apathy to dictate the policies that influence the education of our children.

For more information, call 782-5134.

– Maggie Allen is the communications coordinator for the Douglas County School District.