School board OKs lunch price increases |

School board OKs lunch price increases

Middle and high school lunches will cost more after Douglas County School trustees approved a rate hike on Tuesday for the upcoming school year.

Increases to $2.95 for middle school and $3.25 for high school lunches were approved by a 7-0 vote.

Other increases included $4 for adult lunch, $1.75 for elementary, middle school and high school breakfast and $2.25 for adult breakfast.

Costs per lunch in the past school year were $2.75 for elementary school students, $2.85 for middle school students and $3.10 for high school students. The cost for breakfast was $1.50 at all three levels. The cost for elementary school lunches remained unchanged.

School Nutrition Program Director Brittany Mally informed trustees that the school nutrition program is designed to be self-sustaining and the increase is necessary to assure that revenues keep up with expenses and to keep up with USDA recommendations. She added that other options to cover costs would include using money from the district’s general fund or delaying increases, but facing larger increases in the future.

The last cost increases were 10 cents for elementary school lunches in 2017-18 and 10 cents for middle school and high school students in 2015-16.

By comparison, lunch costs range from $2.85 to $3 in Carson City and $2.75-3 in Churchill County, to $3-4 in Humboldt County.

About 100,000 schools and institutions feed 30 million children through the National School Lunch Program and nearly 15 million children through the School Breakfast Program, according to the USDA website. School food authorities are reimbursed for meals based on children’s free, reduced price, or paid eligibility status.

Trustees also approved as part of the consent agenda the appointment of Guy Olguin as Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School’s new principal to replace the retiring David Whittemore and Adam Dedmon as vice-principal. Wendi Yankoski was approved as vice-principal at Douglas High to replace Thomas Morgan, who is retiring.

Thirty-plus retiring certified and classified employees as well as administrators were recognized during a brief ceremony. The list included Buffy Stockton, Karen Tuggle, Norma Hendricks, Gerdy Hayes, Lisa Noonan (who returned to work with students at Meneley Elementary after retiring as DCSD superintendent in 2015), Michele Curtis, Corby Hughes, Kelly Maestretti, K.C. Brennan, Kristen Robison, Michele Bauman, Paul Pedroza, Paula Ortiz, Trina Ward, Dee Gosselin, Joyce Castleberry, Kathleen Stastny, Meredith Swanson-Jessup, Barbara Valdez, Raelene Miller, Gina Solari, Elizabeth Gray, Scott Sanders, Daria Essary, Gail Murray, Sharon Desjardins, Sherrie Clore, Denise Bickmore, Dot Watts, Susan Williamson, Patricia Larson, Theresa Eymann, Whittemore and Morgan.