Scarselli third grade class “shows up in the world” |

Scarselli third grade class “shows up in the world”

by Rachel Spacek
Leslie Campbell's third grade class poses by their mural.

Leslie Campbell said she was filled with frustration one day about all the negativity in the world.

The third grade teacher at Scarselli Elementary School became frustrated while she was instructing her class about what to do if an active shooter is at the school. It was then that she decided to approach her class with the question, “how will you show up in the world?” It was this question that sparked a year-long class project.

Since that day, Campbell’s class has started every morning by greeting each other and once a week they meet to discuss what they had done to show up in the world.

The project started after Campbell showed her students a video by Kid President that gave the students ideas on how they could show up in the world.

“We wanted to make goals,” said Campbell. “We wanted to write down what we could do to show up in the world.”

Campbell said her class decided their definition of showing up in the world is to give love and give hope. It can look like anything, she said.

On Thursday, Ms. Campbell’s third grade class sat in a circle and shared some of the things they had done so far to show up in the world. They had done everything from donating to the food drive for the Carson Valley Food Closet, to giving their parents “thank you” notes.

“We decided we were going to make a way to show all the good deeds, so we could see them,” said Campbell. “We have a mural out in the hall and we invited everyone in the school to participate and help put their deeds up on the mural.”

The goal of the project is to make it all the way to the end of the hallway by the end of the year.

“I feel amazing when I do something nice because I feel like I am showing up in the world,” said one third grader in a sentiment that was echoed by the entire class.

The class checks in on their goals once a week and students put a sticker on their written goal when they’ve completed it.

After the class was done sharing their project, they went into the hallway and sat back down in a circle. They then shared each of their new goals. These goals ranged from playing with children who don’t have any friends, to giving compliments to classmates and saying thank you to Campbell everyday for teaching them.

As a class, the students are making Christmas cards for veterans.

“Really it is to teach the kids that just because they are 8 and 9 years old, that doesn’t mean they can’t change the world,” Campbell said. “They can change the world and they can do something every day to help change the world.”