Scarselli students honor veterans |

Scarselli students honor veterans

by Scott Neuffer

Veterans, parents and students packed the Scarselli Elementary School gym Friday in an early observance of Veteran’s Day, which is today.

Scarselli music teacher Tammy Owens asked veterans in the crowd to stand up for applause.

“It’s incredible,” said former Army Sgt. Mike Ivie, who served in Germany in the 1970s. “Americans in my day didn’t appreciate us like this.”

Three Scarselli students and Cub Scouts from troop No. 8583 held flags up in front of the crowd for the Pledge of Allegiance.

“Veterans are very good people,” said Cub Scout and fifth-grader Christopher Gamberg. “We represent the soldiers in Iraq, and thank them for helping our country.”

Owens then began the musical performances.

“Our purpose today is to honor veterans and military personnel so we can have the freedoms we’re accustomed to and take for granted,” she said before directing her students.

Sixth-grade classes sang “American Tears.”

“Sometimes I think of America. I think about the people who did what they had to do,” the students softly sang.

Then they roared in the chorus, “For the heroes, for the patriots, for the soldiers, for all the pioneers! I will always be an American. I will always cry American tears.”

Two sixth-graders, Tyler Vandenberg and Grant Dunkelman, performed “Taps” with trumpets.

Other grades contributed as well.

“I love my country. I love my freedom… I love my country, the U… S… A!” sang kindergartners with gusto.

The Douglas High JROTC color guard presented the flags for the last time as the crowd stood up and sang in unison the national anthem.

“It’s important that students know people are risking their lives for freedom,” said first-grade teacher Nancy McCullough.