SB411 forum set for Thursday |

SB411 forum set for Thursday

Staff Reports

A public forum Thursday at Meneley Elementary School for voters to hear information from Douglas County School District officials regarding a .25 percent tax question on the general election ballot.

The forum is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. The school district may only provide information on repairs that are needed.

SB411 was approved by the 2015 Legislature to impose taxes for capital gains projects and to give voters an opportunity to make decisions regarding their own respective school districts. Douglas County voters are being asked to consider tax funds to cover capital gains projects to address overcrowding in schools and repair of buildings.

In March, a school district SB411 committee approved terms of the tax question, which is designed to raise $10 million over 10 years.

District officials say there is a need to fund between $48 million and $76 million in project needs. The committee determined Douglas County schools have no current overcrowding concerns and have prioritized repair projects that directly affect students.

Projects such as carpeting and painting cannot be funded by capital or bond funds and must be paid for with general fund dollars as budget and revenues permit.

“The legislation itself, I think is worthwhile,” committee chairman Dave Brady said in March. “I think it’s a nice process by which you brought in representatives, the stakeholders, and had a committee meet. There’s not enough of that. Usually, everybody is forced to live with the consequences of what the Legislature is deciding, but here’s an opportunity where the community gets to decide or at least identify and bring forward to the public to vote whether or not they see the importance of what we’re trying to do.”