Saving the cats of Paradise |

Saving the cats of Paradise

Nearly two dozen cats who were victims of the Camp Fire are currently residing at Nevada Humane Society. They arrived earlier this week from the FieldHaven Feline Center in Lincoln and the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center in Marysville and efforts are continuing to reunite them with their families. Photos are being shared on Nevada Humane Society’s Facebook page because later next week, the cats will go up for adoption.

“We truly feel for everyone affected by the fire, yet the time has come for the cats to be able to move forward. It’s no longer fair to keep them in shelters, in a kennel, when they could be in a home, beginning a new life with a new family,” said Greg Hall, CEO for Nevada Humane Society. “It’s a tough situation but we know there are people out there who are just waiting to love these cats and give them second chances. Efforts to reunite them with families has been going on for over two months in northern California, and when we received a call that the shelters there were out of space, we wanted to help by taking in the cats that had been there the longest—and who had no one coming forward to claim them.”

The cats are being held for ten days from the time they arrived at Nevada Humane Society, which was Monday, February 11. They are receiving veterinary care and plenty of TLC from staff and volunteers. According to Pat Perry, Cat Care Manager for Nevada Humane Society, they are all doing well. “Most of them are relaxed, social and sweet. Yesterday we had a photo shoot with them so that we can begin to share their faces with the public in case any families have moved to Reno. We’ve already had one person come forward and we are hopeful that we can reunite them.”

There are still hundreds of cats waiting to be rescued in the fire zone and it’s anticipated more transports will happen soon, focusing on the cats that have been waiting at FieldHaven Feline Center the longest. This not only brings a greater reach to families who are missing the cats, but it gives the cats the opportunity to find the loving new homes they deserve.

If you are a victim of the Camp Fire and missing your cat, please contact Nevada Humane Society at 856-2000 ext. 301 or 302, or FieldHaven Feline Center at 916-434-6022.

If you are unable to adopt a cat you may still help by donating to the cause at: #CampFire Cats at