SAT scores soar at Sierra Lutheran |

SAT scores soar at Sierra Lutheran

Record Courier Staff Reports

When the nationwide SAT test results for the Class of 2008 were recently announced, staff members at Sierra Lutheran High School in Minden were surprised by the performance of their seniors.

The national average for those preparing to attend college next fall was 1511, and in the state of Nevada, the average score was 1486. Sierra Lutheran counselor Tami Seddon reported that her school’s seniors had an average score of 1727.

Sierra Lutheran principal Debbie Conner said the school’s mission is based upon providing a college preparatory education for students within an atmosphere where spiritual growth and development are also nurtured. She said her students, along with parents and teachers, encourage each other to strive towards academic excellence as they prepare for higher education. She said current students are eager to maintain the tradition of their peers who have graduated and gone on to college.

Conner also said that smaller class sizes, and the commitments of the instructional staff, were reasons for the high test scores.

Of the school’s graduating class, two seniors are currently seeking appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy. Other students have applied to the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Bucknell, University of Southern California, University of Nevada Reno, Washington University, Pratt College, Concordia University, Southern Oregon University, Point Loma University, Seattle Pacific University, and the College of William and Mary.

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