Salettis plan Valentine’s Day farewell |

Salettis plan Valentine’s Day farewell

Saletti's will be closing in February.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

After nearly 10 years, John and Faith Saletti are closing the popular Minden eatery that bears their name after Valentine’s Day 2017.

The couple is retiring after a combined 50 years in the restaurant business, Faith said on Tuesday.

She said they are selling the property to Mike Pegram of the Carson Valley Inn.

“It was difficult to make the decision,” she said. “We’ve gotten close to many of the people here.”

They arrived in Carson Valley in 2006, the year after the Carson Valley Inn closed Fiona’s during a reconfiguration of its restaurants.

The restaurant that is closing is the second establishment to bear the family name. The couple sold the Saletti’s in Lompoc on Dec. 1, 2005, to one of their employees.

The restaurant occupies the former Graunke Warehouse, built in 1919, according to Wynne Maule’s “Minden, Nevada: The story of a Unique Town.”

It was rebuilt in 1982 and dubbed the Atrium, but didn’t last long, closing in 1985.

In 1988, the Carson Valley Inn opened it as Fiona’s.

While Saletti’s survived a decade, another Minden eatery closed this month after not quite two years.

I’d Eat There started out as a food truck and settled down to be a restaurant in February 2014.

It closed on Dec. 10.

Less than six months after opening, the Independence Diner closed its doors the first of December.

According to the restaurant’s facebook page, it started selling off its equipment on Saturday.

The diner opened on June 20, earlier than its planned July Fourth date.

The former Danny’s Ironwood Grill had stood empty for four years until Dru Himes conceived of the Independence Diner.

Originally opened as a Denny’s in 1994, it opened as Danny’s in 2003 before closing in 2012.

It has been a rough couple of years for Minden restaurants.

In May 2015, Minden Food Co. closed after 13 years in business. The following month, Tahoe Ridge Winery moved to Carson City after 11 years in Carson Valley. Its Carson City location closed earlier this year.