Merchants ring up more sales in September |

Merchants ring up more sales in September

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Natasha Lavelle (left) of Carson City waits in line at Target on Thanksgiving Day about two hours before the doors opened. She was shopping for a new TV while to her left Arcaleno Guzman was hoping to score a new X-Box One.
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It will be the end of January before taxable sales figures for Black Friday are available, and February before Douglas County residents learn how the Christmas shopping season went.

The Nevada Department of Taxation tracks taxable sales, but there’s a two-month delay before they become public.

Last December saw decreases in sales at electronics and appliances stores and furniture stores, while general merchandise stores saw a slight increase over the previous year.

November 2015, general merchandise stores, like the Walmarts and the Target, saw a 5.9 percent increase.

The latest figures available for taxable sales were released on Tuesday, and saw sales tick up 1.9 percent in September, with merchants ringing up $62.4 million.

The county’s largest category, food services and drinking places, posted a 13.5 percent decline compared to the same month in 2015. Largely influenced by the Stateline casinos, the category saw $15.3 million in sales, down from $17.7 million during the prior year.

General merchandise stores, including the Douglas Walmarts and the Target, rang up $7.7 million during the month, up 3.5 percent from September 2015.

One of the single largest increases was in motor vehicle and parts dealers, which saw a 55.3 percent jump to $4.1 million over the previous year. Carson Valley is home to one small car dealership.

Merchant wholesalers of durable goods also posted a good month with $3.6 million or a 26.6 percent increase.

Building materials and garden equipment and supplies saw a 5.7 percent drop taking in $3.3 million.