Rural character photo contest accepting submissions |

Rural character photo contest accepting submissions

Staff Reports

Rural character is a term used to describe many desirable conditions in our community. The term could relate to the friendliness of a community, the slow pace, always feeling safe, and knowing lots of people. In the minds of some, rural character could mean open space, low housing density, farms and ranches, wildlife and wildlife habitat, and clean air and water. Or it could be thought of as preservation of historic traditions and culture. In many instances, people use rural character when they feel it is being threatened, in statements such as “we need to maintain our rural character,” or “this action diminishes our rural character.”

In an effort to better define rural character, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the local non-profit GreenACTnv are partnering to conduct the Rural Character Photo Contest over the month of August. The contest is specific for images within Douglas County that depict rural character. Steve Lewis, Extension Educator, said that “a community’s definition of rural character is the most important part of its preservation. Once defined, the community can be strategic and intentional in its healthy continuance.” The contest is designed to get people thinking about what rural character means to them, to stimulate a community dialogue and enhance the community’s rural character consciousness.

This is not your typical photo contest as the photo caption, the description of the rural characteristic, is as important as the photo itself and will be judged accordingly. Contest participants are encouraged to think about what rural character means to them and then capture a visual image of that characteristic. Rather than just a catchy phrase the caption, up to 100 words, should describe the rural characteristic in as much detail possible.

Go to for rules and entry form. Contestants may submit up to 10 photos per day for a chance to win cash prices. For more information, contact Steve Lewis at 775-782-9960 or