Ruhenstroth real estate roundup |

Ruhenstroth real estate roundup

by Karen Brier

There are two homes for sale on Palomino. Even though I’m very happy with my house, I still can’t resist stopping to look. Both are near 395 and picture perfect, priced under $400k. Looking made me curious about what else was for sale, so I pulled up, my favorite site and a real addiction when we were house hunting. For a community with so many houses, the numbers are reassuringly low. Just ten homes are listed for sale ( has 14 but 2 of them are on Frontage and I draw the line at crossing 395.

Prices range from $399k for 1844 Colt Lane to $280k for the Paula Place short sale. Then there is 629 Thorobred for $165k which makes me wish I had the cash to buy it and remodel it to rent. For some reason I can just imagine it with all the buildings cleared away and new landscaping (I’m sure Francisco Gomez would do an amazing job) and then paint and a little clean up on the inside. For someone who is handy, it’s a great bargain for a house in Ruhenstroth.

I try to keep an eye out to see if the land to the West of our house goes on the market. It is five acres of undeveloped beauty and one of the things that I love about our house. If it ever comes on the market, I’ll just have to sell a kidney, because I’d love to keep it just the way it is because it makes a perfect path to the BLM. There are other lots listed for sale: five acres on Megan Court for $195k and six small 1-plus acre lots on Wiseman in the Saddlerock subdivision of Ruhenstroth — priced from $60k and up.

And of course, though I know better, I have to look at the other houses that have sold since we bought our house. In the last year there have been 19 sales. Two of the Saddlerock lots have sold for $112k and $160k. The highest sale was for the lovely 1850 Chestnut for $460k. Prices for sales seem to average around $300k with a few outliers like 625 Thorobred that sold for $207k.

The best news that I can see is that the two most recent sales went for $160-plus per square foot which means I’m still extremely happy with our purchase, not only because I love the house, but because we were obviously lucky enough to buy before the market started to trend up again. It almost makes up for selling our house in Atlanta at the bottom of the market and losing our shirt.

If we ever win the lottery, Fred and I agree we’ll try to buy the land next to us, do all the projects we’ve thought of already and continue to live here, enjoying our neighbors, the view, a new greenhouse, a Jacuzzi, renovated master bath and completely rebuilt garage. It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

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