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Ringing in the new year at SnowGlobe

by Griffin Rogers
Fireworks light up the sky at SnowGlobe.
Griffin Rogers / Tahoe Daily Tribune |

Fireworks lit up the sky at SnowGlobe Tuesday night as thousands of festivalgoers welcomed the new year in a barrage of color and sound.

At midnight, dozens of balloons bounced around a cheering crowd while Cut Copy, an Australian electronic band, played its way into 2014.

For San Francisco resident David Zern, there was no other place he’d rather be.

“It’s where the magic happens,” Zern, 21, said.

South Lake Tahoe was a popular destination for tourists on New Year’s Eve. Some spent the last of 2013 testing their luck at casino games, while others stood on the sports field at Lake Tahoe Community College and listened to Cut Copy, Snoop Dogg and more.

Julien Salah, a friend of Zern’s, said he came back to the area for New Year’s Eve after having a positive experience in 2012.

“It’s the biggest event on New Year’s,” he said. “It’s when everyone is out.”

Makena Hyde, 20, was with her friend, Autumn Osmus, as they waited for 2014 to begin. Hyde came to the South Shore to visit her boyfriend’s family and to see the festival for the first time.

“It (SnowGlobe) sounded epic,” Hyde said.

Osmus, a South Lake Tahoe local for 16 years, attended the event to support tourism and growth in the area. She said she enjoys the concert, which is great for all ages.

“It’s a huge town event,” Osmus, 31, said.

At the concert, many festivalgoers reflected on 2013, while also making plans for the future.

Hyde’s New Year’s resolution was to keep focused. But Zern, on the other hand, wanted to make more money.

Osmus said her mission was to start getting organized.

“We’re celebrating the old year and celebrating the new,” she said.