Restaurant inspections for Jan. 14 |

Restaurant inspections for Jan. 14

Staff Reports

Carson City Health and Human Services Environmental Health Division conducts health inspections for Douglas County.

Jan. 7

J&M Mini Mart

Convenience Store

1589 Highway 395, Minden

Score: 100

La Hacienda Del Sazon


1758 Highway 395, A, Minden

Score: 92

Food item containers not covered in reach-in cooler.

Full gall can of tomato sauce observed with excessive amount of dust, dirt, old food material on lid.

Reach-in cooler door seals observed in disrepair with duct and friction tape holding the seals together.

Inside of oven was very soiled.

Oven mitt pads are soiled and stored with single use paper plates.

Inside of microwave very soiled.

Large floor mixer very soiled.

Do no use tin foil to cover food store equipment or store food items and food equipment/dishes/utensils.

Single service trays stacked right side up on soiled surface on top of Jade Range.

Peeling paint on ceiling above Jade Range.

Facility still cluttered and disorganized with item storage a real issue.

Jan. 12

Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting

Processing Plant

2222 Park Place #1A

Score: 99

Provide test strips to monitor strength of bleach solution in 3-compartment sink.

Jan. 13

Wild Horse Bar & Grill


1679 Highway 395, Minden

Score: 95

Boxes of pop syrup hooked to machinery stored on the soiled floor of cabinet in kitchen.

Uncovered food containers observed in the walk-in cooler.

Dirty food containers observed in the walk-in cooler.

Tin foil was observed being used to cover shelving used to store equipment, dishware and utensils.

The walk-in cooler requires repair.

The floor under the grill is soiled.

The ceiling and wall attachments over ice machine and 3-compartment sink are soiled and have webbing.

The overhead equipment in the walk-in cooler is soiled.

The hood vent filters require changing.

The ceiling vent and air flow unit and attached equipment are soiled in the back prep area of the kitchen.

Wild Horse Bar & Grill


1679 Highway 395, Minden

Score: 98

A leak from the piping below the 3-compartment sink in the bar area leaking into bucket.

Wet wiping cloths aiding in soaking up leaking water.

Cloth towels were observed being used to store the food contact surfaces of beer glasses reach-in cooler.

Wet wiping cloth towels observed on floor under drip pan under pipe leak.