Residents look at GRGID sewer hookup costs |

Residents look at GRGID sewer hookup costs

by Merrie Leininger

Residents looking for answers arrived at the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District informational meeting Thursday night.

District Manager Bob Spellberg arranged for representatives from local banks and title and mortgage companies to talk to about 75 people about refinancing their homes or getting loans to help pay for mandatory sewage system installation and permits.

Spellberg said the average cost is about $4,500; the permit alone costs $2,200.

Spellberg said the homeowners will soon be visited by contractors the Ranchos is hiring to give estimates. He also encouraged homeowners to get their own estimates because the estimate may be higher through GRGID.

Spellberg said at the Aug. 4 meeting he will ask trustees to set terms for an escrow loan through GRGID and Western Title.

Those who get turned down for multiple loans through banks can apply for the loan.

“We’d finance it and it would be through Western Title. There would be a monthly payment and it would not be a lien. Homeowners will get a deed of trust with a promissory note,” Spellberg said.

Those who filled out the survey to see if they qualify for the grant money can call the Douglas County Community Development. On Tuesday, another form will be available at the GRGID office that residents will also have to fill out for eligibility for the grant.

“Once they say you are eligible, then you can start digging,” Spellberg said.

Diana and Alan Miller, who have lived on Palisade Circle for eight years, said they bought their house under the assumption they did not have to switch to the sewer system.

“Then about five years ago when we had to get a new leech line the guy who put it in got approval and checked with GRGID and they had the paper on file,” Diana Miller said.

She said they were told because they needed a lift station they would never have to change from the septic tank and spent the $1,500 on a new leech line.

“We’re pulling our hair out,” Diana Miller said. “If it wasn’t for my mom, we would be visiting these mortgage companies just like everyone else.”

Spellberg said the district had a foreman who didn’t like lift stations in the past and he made that promise to residents.

However, he said one resident came to the board and asked if he could pay only what it would have cost him at the time he was told not to make the switch and the board approved it.

David and Connie Rose of Marlette Circle said they bought their home about seven years ago, and since then their jobs have changed and they cannot get a loan to pay for the new system.

“We’ve got turned down twice and we make a little too much for the grant,” David Rose said. “We want to get hooked up, we think it’s a good idea, but we just can’t get the money.”

David Rose said he saw a light at the end of the tunnel after the meeting.

“The tenor of GRGID has lightened up,” he said. “They are trying to work with us.”

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