Residents concerned about stop signs |

Residents concerned about stop signs

by Merrie Leininger

The Gardnerville Town Board met Thursday night at the Gardnerville Volunteer Fire Department and addressed a couple of residents’ concerns about speeders in their neighborhood.

Debbie Hill, who lives near the intersection of Mill and Hussman streets, said recently the stop signs were taken down on Hussman Street and speeders rush through the intersection without looking out for the many children who live and play in that area.

“There are 17 children on that street,” Hill said. “I want to know why the stop signs were removed. I don’t understand why they came down.”

Town engineer Robert Fellows of Lumos and Associates, said the stop signs in town were reviewed by the board to determine if they were necessary, and some were taken down as a result of those discussions and public hearings.

Hill said there are certain people who live in the area who always speed, and she is concerned about the safety of the children.

“Do we have to wait until a little boy is hit by a car like just happened in Reno? When the stop signs were there, about 60 percent of people rolled through, but they did slow down, now it’s free game,” she said.

The board was opposed to putting the stop signs back up, but promised some action would be taken.

“If we take action on every block and put stop signs up, it’s not the solution, people roll right through and hit the pedal again,” said board member Jerry Smith.

He made a motion not to put up any more stop signs, but to write a letter to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, asking for more enforcement in the area. The motion was seconded by board member Loren Orr and passed unanimously.

Redevelopment. Board chairman Randy Slater said he had recently heard from the Sierra Business Council, a company that helps community complete redevelopment. He said the company, the towns of Gardnerville and Minden, and the county, will soon be discussing redevelopment for Gardnerville and Minden.

“Sierra Business Council will be at the next meeting. I guess they will try to keep the two towns unique. The county hired this group to work with the two towns,” he said.

He said the town board has very little information about the plans until the Sierra Business Council addresses the board at the next meeting.