Residents ask BLM not to round up Fish Springs horses |

Residents ask BLM not to round up Fish Springs horses

A pair of wild horses standing alongside Dump Road in 2006.
Shannon Litz/R-C file photo |

A Fish Springs woman said she didn’t want the entire herd of 40 horses removed from the southern Pine Nuts, just the three stallions that are bothering her mares.

In a statement to The Record-Courier, Kelly Scilingo said she is concerned that the Bureau of Land Management will round up all 40 horses on her say-so.

“I only want the three rogue stallions removed,” she said. “I do not want the herd of 40 to be removed from Fish Springs.”

Members of the Fish Springs Wild Horse Preserve Pat De Sota and Lillian Brown said there are actually four bands of horses equaling the two score wandering the Pine Nuts.

“They are not all in the same place at the same time,” Brown said. “They only come in during the hot season when there’s water.”

The horses causing most of the trouble are led by a stallion that got out of his pen, the women said.

“He got loose after being caged for a long time without any training, and he’s out causing trouble with the other horses.”

The Preserve has been watering the horses using a tank to fill troughs up away from Fish Springs.

They are concerned that the Bureau of Land Management will trap the horses.

“We think they will use the watering trough to trap the horses,” De Sota said. “Those horses have been in the area for a long time. They’ve never been in the horse management area.”

All of the alternatives presented to Fish Springs residents last week involved rounding up the horses. All the foals would be placed in the adoption program, mares would be treated with a two-year contraceptive, and any released horse that returned to the area would be recaptured and put up for adoption.

One alternative would see the release of 10 horses near the intersection of Buckeye Road and Buckeye Creek, which is six miles from Fish Springs. Those horses would be outside of the horse management area, and could be subject to an emergency gather should they wander away from water.