Rescuers respond to injury at Old Power Dam |

Rescuers respond to injury at Old Power Dam

A teenage girl was rescued after injuring her leg while swimming at the Old Power Dam on Thursday afternoon.

East Fork firefighters, Washoe Tribe Police and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report that a girl had fallen off the rocks and broken her leg.

Swimmers at the dam were able to get her to the large rock in the middle of the East Fork of the Carson River.

While Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was called out for a possible water rescue, East Fork firefighters were able to wade out to the rock and put her on a stretcher to carry her to the ambulance parked some 75 feet above the river.

She was taken to Carson Valley Medical Center for treatment.

Several people were swimming in the pool behind the broken dam, which has seen injuries and even deaths over the decades since it was first built to generate electricity 103 years ago.

This is the second major rescue at the dam in four months. In April three teenagers jumped off the dam and were trapped near its base.

None was seriously injured, but one required treatment from being exposed to the icy water.

It has been nearly 30 years since the 1991 and 1992 drownings of two brothers at the dam.

Navy demolition experts blew up much of the dam in 1998, leaving only the jagged middle which acts as an island in the middle of the East Fork where it enters Carson Valley south of Gardnerville.

At the time it was estimated a half-dozen or so drownings had occurred at the spot over the previous decade.