Republicans turn out to vote in Douglas |

Republicans turn out to vote in Douglas

by Caryn Haller

When it comes to what qualities a presidential candidates should have, Douglas County Republicans know what they are looking for.

Thousands of participants attended caucuses all around Carson Valley on Saturday to cast their vote for the Republican nominee.

Ron Paul supporters Sue and Jeff Cauhape agree that adhering to the United States Constitution is a must for a candidate.

“It seems to me that this is a do or die vote. The candidates other than Ron Paul don’t seem to get it,” Jeff said. “I’m not normally a political guy, but we decided to get involved and see what we can do. This is an important.”

For Gardnerville resident Marla Whitaker protecting the Constitution was also an important quality in a candidate.

“I really want to be sure the American Constitution is taken care of. It’s important to look out for our seniors and our vets, and I’m not sure Obama has done that,” the Mitt Romney supporter said.

Whitaker said she chose Romney because of the work he did during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

“I saw what he did with the Olympics and that was really big. There was theft, and he went in and cleaned it up and got it back on firm footing,” she said. “He had good leadership skills and that’s important for the president of the United States.”

Ken and Jody Fila of Minden voted in the caucus Saturday because they felt the country needed change.

“We’re here to vote for Ron Paul. We need change and somebody that can get their hands around this economy and take government out of our lives. There’s too much control,” Jody said. “We’ve been a Ron Paul supporter for many years now. He’s very truthful. His message has never changed. He’s not a typical politician.”

The Constitution as well as the economy were important issues for Mitt Romney supporter Gloria Darrington.

“I think he will uphold the Constitution and go back to our fore fathers, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Regan,” Darrington said. “I’m looking for what he’s accomplished before. He has to think about the economy and getting jobs. Nevada is at its worst now.”

Darrington was also adamant about the Republican Party going back to a primary election instead of a caucus like they have done since 2008.

“I wish they would go back to doing a primary because a caucus is confusing. A lot of people can’t get out of the house and get here, and in a primary they can get an absentee ballot.”

Darrington was not alone in her desire to go back to a primary election system. Hundreds of Republicans signed a petition in agreement.

“Almost everybody is signing the petition to do away with the caucus. They want to have strictly a primary,” said Sherry Dilley Douglas High School site coordinator. “I like the idea of not having a caucus. Primaries are easier and the state pays for it.”

Gardnerville resident Lynn Ruttinger was one of the Republicans to sign the petition.

“We want a normal election. This is confusing and a primary is best,” Ruttinger said. “It’s easier to vote in a primary because you know where your precinct is. It’s more organized and everyone knows what they’re doing better.”