Reno group pitches ‘vision plan’ to towns |

Reno group pitches ‘vision plan’ to towns

by Christy Chalmers

Minden and Gardnerville have been formally invited to set their sights alongside Reno and Sparks.

But town leaders aren’t sure they want to do that – especially as they struggle to preserve their own identities.

Representatives for a group called “One Region. One Vision” lobbied the boards this week during their respective meetings.

Barbara Drake, who spoke to the Minden Town Board Wednesday, said the Reno-based group consists of more than 30 sponsors who want to engage the entire Northern Nevada region in planning for local needs, as well as marketing to visitors.

“We’re trying to rally around our communities and see our communities as something much bigger, and yet not lose our individuality,” she said. “We’re not looking for some super new structure, but some connection between all of us.

“We’re not just talking about Reno and Sparks. All of us are together,” she added.

Sponsorship wouldn’t require any money and would simply serve as an endorsement of the group’s concept, but town board members said the towns will remain their priority.

“We’re concentrated on trying to improve our local communities and make them better for the people who live here,” said Minden Town Board Chairman David Sheets.

“Nobody really understands what makes any of these communities tick,” noted Bob Hadfield, also a Minden Town Board member. “We’re each out there trying to influence what happens to ourselves.”

They lauded Drake’s group, but suggested Douglas County might be a more appropriate candidate for sponsorship.

Likewise, the Gardnerville Town Board told One Region. One Vision representative Emily Braswell Thursday the Western Nevada Development District would be a logical sponsor. The district represents communities from around the area.

They also cited the Gardnerville downtown vision committee, which has worked to improve the town’s core.

“I think it’s a good idea, but there’s a lot of different agencies out there trying to do the same thing,” said Gardnerville Town Board member Loren Orr.

“We’re behind it. It’s just that we’re committed to WNDD,” added Randy Slater, Gardnerville town board chairman.