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Remember When

120 Years Ago

June 25, 1897

One of our hilarious exchanges breaks out in the following: “If you lose the risk you’re after-there are others; if you are duped by liars rare, don’t succumb to despair, and your undergarments tear-there are others; if your friends desert and mock you-there are others; if your best girl flirts and shocks you-there are others; you are not the only one who’s been treated in this way, you can always gaily say –there are others.”

100 Years Ago

June 29, 1917

The wonderful weather now being enjoyed by the people of this section has started automobile travel to the mountain retreats and last Sunday the roads to Lake Tahoe and the fishing streams of Alpine County were lined with automobiles.

80 Years Ago

June 25, 1937

Observations: “If we as humans would stop occasionally, divest ourselves of petty jealousies and terribly fixed opinions, probably we too would find that we are just as no account as we think John Doe and Jane Doe. Life is a funny proposition, no matter from what angle you look.”

50 Years Ago

June 29, 1967

Douglas County merchants will begin collecting an extra 1-cent sales tax, still looked upon with disfavor by local school officials, to aid this county’s education financing.

25 Years Ago

June 28, 1992

The Lahontan National Fish Hatchery returns the resource of fish into Nevada’s lakes. “The natural habitat is not sufficient for the fish to spawn and hatch,” said Bryan Kenworthy, fish biologist. “This is due to several factors such as overallocation of water, development along the water, as well as other impacts all exasperated by the drought.”

20 Years Ago

June 28, 1997

Carson Valley’s resident snake expert, Dave Doty, said there have been considerably more snake sightings this year. “The flood really rearranged their home,” he said. If you find a snake, don’t try to kill it yourself, Doty said. Instead, call Douglas County Animal Control or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. They will contact Doty who can safely remove the snake from your property.

10 years ago

June 27, 2007

More than 200 structures were destroyed with preliminary damage estimated at $100 million during the Angora fire. “The news reports about the loss of structures don’t even come close to seeing actually what’s been destroyed. It’s the most devastating fire situation I have ever seen. It’s just incredible,” said East Fork Fire District Chief Tod Carlini.

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