Remember God |

Remember God


I listened to a speech by Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King. She asked in the speech, “who are we in Christ Jesus?”

We cannot hate. We must love all people. We must expect honor from all people. If we must walk through the fire and we are strong enough to come out of it, then we are better because of it.

Give all that you have for the freedom that you now enjoy. If you must suffer for the cause that you believe in, then welcome your suffering. Protect your freedom at all cost.

Come November, let all people know you are willing to give your all in faith, hope and charity. Whatever is in you, let it shine through, for all freedom-loving people to see. We must love God and each other regardless of the color of our skin.

Hold hands across America. Pray to God for His help and His blessing. We must keep America free and strong. We must clean up the corruption in our Congress and the government. We cannot sit back and wait. May God bless us and help us. May His blessing guide us all the way. God bless all who believe in our freedom. It is the most special gift we have in America.

Keep your mind on Nov. 2.

Dorie Pharris