Reid, Heller at odds over jobs act vote |

Reid, Heller at odds over jobs act vote

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid argues the American Jobs Act would have created two million jobs, Senator Dean Heller described it as just another stimulus that wouldn’t work.

The bill stalled when Heller and other Republicans in the Senate voted unanimously to block debate on the measure.

“Republicans unanimously voted against our nation’s economic health to advance their narrow political interests,” Reid, D-Nev., charged.

He said they voted no “despite previously supporting many of the ideas it contains, such as tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses.”

“This balanced bill would have asked millionaires to pay their fair share to help get our economy back on track,” he said.

He said the GOP will have to explain to the American people why they oppose plans to cut middle-class taxes, hire veterans and put American to work building roads, bridges and schools.”

Heller, R-Nev., disagreed.

“It is clear that the approach this administration and its supporters have taken for economic recovery has failed miserably,” he said. “Another stimulus bill is not the solution.”

He said Congress should help the economy by opening up more areas to energy exploration, streamlining permitting processes for development of resources and reforming and simplifying the tax code while eliminating special interest loopholes.

At the same time, the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees announced a national ad campaign targeting those members of Congress who have opposed the jobs act.