Reflections on the Word: Rain a symbol of God’s love |

Reflections on the Word: Rain a symbol of God’s love

So how are you feeling about all this rain?

I’m originally from the Northwest, born in Seattle, raised in Oregon, so I know a little something about rain. I’ve walked in the rain, camped in the rain, driven in the rain and partied in the rain. No outdoor event has ever been successfully planned in my entire life without a contingency for wet weather. While most people picture a day at the beach as a sunny, sun-screen-and-sandals kind of an experience, my first thought goes to building sand castles while wearing a jacket and getting soaked to the bone.

Having lived the last 20 years in the high desert, I’ve grown a different appreciation for rain. It makes things green. I love the look of the landscape in our Carson Valley with all the subtle variations of brown and tan and the hints of green on the plants that let you know something is alive. But when it rains, you know there will be blooms, splashes of color, flowers and shoots and life! Rain changes the landscape. You have to be patient sometimes, because it doesn’t always rain here. But when it does, there’s going to be new life.

The rain reminds me of God’s grace, His undeserved love and acceptance of us human beings. We don’t deserve God’s love, but He gives it to us anyway. We haven’t done anything that would warrant God inviting us into His family, but He welcomes us with open arms. It doesn’t matter what you have or have not done in your life, whether you have been good or bad, God’s love comes to you just the same. He gives His love to everyone like He sends the rain — “For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.” These words of Jesus found in Matthew 5:45 remind us that God does not just show favor to those who are good and just, but to everyone. We all need sunshine and we all need rain. Too much rain and no sun is a flood, all sunshine and no rain makes a desert. The balance of both is crucial to life, and in God’s grace, He gives us what we need to live.

Why does God choose to bless both the good people and the bad people with rain and sunshine? Because God loves people. All people. And God does not want anyone to miss out on His love. So He gives out free samples: Sunshine and rain, crops to eat, mountains to climb, snow to play in, lakes to enjoy, the list goes on and on! All these samples are mini-moments of grace, reminders of His love. And everyone gets some to show that God plays no favorites, He loves EVERYONE! Even me! Even you! So as you watch the rain prepare to bring us life in the spring, remember that with every drop, God is saying, “I love you.”

Pastor Bill McCready of LifePoint Church is a member of the Carson Valley Ministers’ Association.