Redevelopment negotiations in cards |

Redevelopment negotiations in cards

Kurt Hildebrand/RC file photo

Negotiations to settle the second half of the Riverwood development agreement could begin in the next six months.

Approved in 2007, Riverwood was a commercial project proposed to be similar Clear Creek and Carson Valley plazas at Topsy Lane.

District Attorney Mark Jackson said Tuesday an internal conflict with Riverwood Partners, who were the remaining parties to the lawsuit, prevented negotiations from moving forward.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Web site, Riverwood Partners is operated by Maddog Development Inc., whose president is Michael Hohl.

Hohl and Dink Cryer purchased the property at an auction from the Bureau of Land Management.

He said the county had five years from filing the lawsuit to pursue it. That meant any litigation would have to occur starting in November in order to meet the deadline.

Jackson said he hoped that some movement in the case would occur over the summer.

Key to the future of any litigation is whether Riverwood wants to proceed to build on the parcel located east of Highway 395, Jackson said.

Complicating matters further is a federal lawsuit filed by Max Baer Jr. against Riverwood Partners over the construction of a “Beverly Hillbillies” themed casino.

Commissioners approved a settlement that ended the $24.7 million redevelopment deal on Sept. 28, 2012.

The settlement concluded part of a lawsuit filed by the county’s redevelopment agency Nov. 1, 2010.

As part of the settlement, the redevelopment agency paid developers $650,000 in exchange for ending an owner participation agreement on 4.6 acres on the Riverwood property.