Record school enrollment expected. |

Record school enrollment expected.


Aug. 20, 1897

Carrie Cotrell , daughter of Mrs. W.D Cotrell of Carson and who has been visiting Maudie Collins of Genoa, met a painful accident Wednesday evening. The two girls had climbed a steep hill west of Genoa and coming down Carrie started to run and fell, rolling several yards down hill through brush and rocks with the result she was badly brusied. Her mother was sent for and she is now rapidly recovering from the accident.


Aug. 24, 1917

When the Gardnerville consolidated school opens for the fall term Miss Josephine will become principal and teacher of the grammar grades: Mrs. Stenia Doane and Miss Juanita Fray will have charge of the intermediate grades and Miss Mabel Ritchford will again teach the primary department.


Aug. 20, 1937

After a glorious outing at the Calaveras Big Tree 125 Nevada Boy Scouts returned to their homes. In the Minden-Gardnerville patrol were Jacks Luhrs, Dave Bywater, Dan and Bruce Shawe, Arthur Thomas, Ed and Art Block, Wynn Maule and Bill Williams. John Block, member of the local scout committee, accompanied the boys trips reflecting to their honor, the local scouts were awarded a prize for keeping their tent and belongings in “spic and span” condition.


Aug. 24, 1967

A 5-percent increase in registration at Douglas County schools is expected when the 1967-1968 term starts Sept. 5. Principals at the county’s four schools estimated this week that attendance would be approximately 1,435 students-compared with 1,362 last year.


Aug. 23, 1992

Next month marks the second straight year, the longest time in record history that water has not trickled through the cobbles of the Truckee River dam, according to Federal Water Master Garry Stone. The lake receded from shore at an unnerving pace, and regularly sets record-breaking lows as spring snowmelt has replenished only a fraction of the water lost to evaporation.


Aug. 23, 1997

Western Nevada Community College’s Douglas Campus is finally open. “Ladies and gentlemen,” said State Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, the first of eight speakers, “This is more than a dream, this is history. This facility is not just here for today, it’s is here forever.”


Aug. 24, 2007

The family of a 16-year-old Douglas High School student, comatose for almost two weeks from a heroin overdose, issued a statement Wednesday urging parents to be more vigilant of their children’s activities. “Child’s play isn’t what it once was with drugs like heroin, Oxcycotin and methamphetamine being distributed to teens in our community.”

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