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RC website subscription begins today

by Mark Raymond
Sierra Nevada Media Group

It’s been one week since we launched the new RecordCourier.com.

Hopefully you have had a chance to get acquainted with the simplified and improved website. We appreciate all the comments and feedback we have received and are actively working everyday to improve our site and its features for you.

As a loyal subscriber to the RecordCourier.com, please note that our subscription-based access is returning to the website starting on Thursday, March 21st. Your subscription is still active, but the first time you visit the site on or after March 21st, you will need to login to your account again. Your login will now be the email address we have on file for your subscription. All you will need to do is login with your email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, select the “forgot password” link at the bottom of the login box and we’ll email that information to you.

To make it simple, here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Login page (the link is located in the header at the top left of the screen at RecordCourier.com)

Enter your email address and your password in the box on the left that says “Already Have an Account?”

Click on the Login button

You will receive a welcome message that lets you know that you are successfully logged into the RecordCourier.com and have access to all content.

Once you are logged in, the top left corner of every page will say “Welcome and your name”. You can always tell if you are signed in by looking in the top left corner of the page.

Let us help you if you need assistance or have any issues getting signed in:

Password Assistance

If you forget your password, select Forgot Password link at the bottom of the Login box that is titled “Already Have an Account?”. An email with instructions will be sent to you. Check your email Inbox and/or spam folders for an email with the subject: Confirm your password reset request.

General Help

If you have any questions or need additional help, please send an email to digitalsupport@recordcourier.com, call (775) 882-2515 or click on the Live Chat button on the Login page to chat online with one of our customer service representatives.

The RecordCourier.com continues to build the future of online news. We have an emphasis on increasing the content available only online. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you will continue to be part of it.

Warmest Regards,

Mark Raymond

General Manager, Sierra Nevada Media Group