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Ranchos seeks input for new name

by Merrie Leininger

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board of trustees is seeking public input about a new name for the community.

At next month’s meeting, trustees will be asking the public to come forward and answer the question, “Do you want to continue to be known as the GRGID or change the name in time for the change in the zip code?”

Board members talked about how to go about changing the name at Wednesday night’s meeting, but decided to find out if it was something the community wanted before they went any further.

Trustee Al Wagner said he would like to see the name change, and now is a good time.

“Now’s the time to change it – something short and sweet. But we’ve only got so much time until the new post office and new zip code is here.”

The same night, post office officials told the board there would probably be a new building and zip code in the Ranchos by Christmas.

Attorney Michael Rowe said the name change would require an amendment to the county ordinance that created the district.

Board member Victor Hyden said he didn’t think a new name was necessary.

“If it’s going to change, the time is when we become a city. We do have an identity throughout the state. We are known as the Ranchos,” he said.

However, he seconded Wagner’s motion to invite the public to next month’s meeting to solicit advice.

n New park. Board member Dewey Jay’s dream of turning the district’s open spaces into community walkways and parks seems to be coming to fruition.

The board approved a conceptual plan for the first public park and approved the start of the design of the one acre of open space on Bluerock Road. The park is estimated to cost about $80,000.

Carol Dotson of district engineers Lumos and Associates, presented three plans for the park to the board.

The plans increased in activities and cost, with the third having a playground, park course, benches and tables, and open grass area, paved walkways, and a basketball court, a major selling point for the board.

Dotson said the park was low-maintenance, and most people she talked to while at the area asked for a basketball court.

Hyden said recreation officials of other towns he talked to told him the basketball court was the most used area of their parks. It draws many more people than just basketball players, he said.

“If the demand is there for that flat surface, why avoid it?” Paul Lumos said.

The $80,000 came from the sale of another open space. The plan is to see how this park is received and proceed with developing the other open spaces accordingly.

All three proposed park plan drawings are available for the public to view at the district office.

n Ranchos Fire Station. John Bellona, former fire chief of the Ranchos volunteers, asked the board if they would consider selling the volunteers 2.5 acres of property across Mitch Drive from their present location.

The organization has outgrown the site and has been unable to build on land on Tillman Lane that the GRGID sold to Douglas County for that purpose because of drainage problems.

“There’s no room in the building for one more truck,” Bellona said.

Unfortunately, one more truck is on its way, so one vehicle will have to sit outside all the time or someone will have to store it in their personal garage, Bellona said.

The board voted to support the concept after a motion by Jay.

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