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Ranchos may get post office

by Merrie Leininger

Gardnerville Ranchos, 89410.

The Ranchos might not be known by any of these designations within the next year.

Gardnerville postmaster Fred Gulley and Bob MacGill, a United States Postal Service real estate specialist out of the Denver office, talked to Ranchos District Manager Bob Spellberg and Trustee Al Wagner Thursday about possible building locations for the Gardnerville satellite post office.

“We’ve run out of room here. There were seven routes when I got here five years ago, and now there are 17, so its grown quite a bit,” Gulley said. “(The Ranchos) is where most of our customers are.”

n Looking for space. Gulley said the post office will first be looking for building space that will suit the needs, but if that can’t be found in the Ranchos, post office officials will be looking for land.

They will be looking for a site that is 1-1/2 to 2 acres, enough for a large, 84,000 square-foot building with room to expand and plenty of parking. Gulley said parking has been a continuing problem at the Gardnerville post office.

Gulley said hopefully within a year, the Ranchos office will be open.

“We’re still in planning stages,” Gulley said. “We have to contact the community and that can take a little while. If it was a wonderful world, maybe by August. It is a real potential it will be open this time next year.”

He said Wellington got a new post office a few months ago, and it was open four months after the site was selected.

n Happy with plan. Spellberg was happy with the plan.

“I think it’ll be excellent for the Ranchos; it helps solidify the community and shows we’re not just a bunch of houses out here,” Spellberg said.

At the January GRGID meeting post office officials will be seeking input for sites from community members and the trustees.

Wagner has also asked the Gardnerville Ranchos name change be put on the next agenda.

“It might be the perfect time to do it if we’re going to change the name,” he said.

Gulley said a Ranchos zip code is not a given at this time.

“It depends on the availability of numbers, I know they were running out of numbers. Also, we need people to use it, and there’s a tendency to resist a change, but that’s something we’ll explore,” Gulley said.

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