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Ranchos man claims beating unprovoked

Staff Reports

A man who was beaten at the Silver Strike Bowling Alley on Friday night told deputies he was jumped by a biker gang.

Deputies responded to Piggy’s Bar inside the bowling alley at 7:23 p.m. and spoke to the victim, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

When they arrived they found the man standing in the parking lot dripping blood from his right eyebrow and with swelling above his left eyebrow.

He told deputies he was kicked and was rolled, but he didn’t want to provide a statement because his assailants were members of a motorcycle gang.

The alleged assailant told deputies he punched and kicked the victim. He said the victim had been drinking and was being belligerent to the bartender, who asked the victim and his friend to leave several times. The man said as he was escorting the victim to the exit, the man took a swing at him, so he hit him in the face and then kicked him on the way down in self defense.

No one was arrested, but the victim is seeking prosecution for battery. Deputies requested a copy of the surveillance tape.

■ Rescuers responded to a Gardnerville Ranchos gravel pit at 2:40 a.m. Tuesday after receiving a call from a 31-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man who said he’d fallen in and couldn’t get out.

The man told dispatchers that he was about 20 feet below the surface, which was wet and muddy, and that he was sliding further into the pit. He told dispatchers he was getting cold, and couldn’t move.

Deputies said when they arrived at the pit they could not see the man from the top of the pit area.

Search and Rescue was called as deputies continued to search for the man. The owner of the pit arrived and unlocked the gate, which allowed rescuers to drive their vehicles to where the victim was.

The man said he was taking a shortcut from his friend’s house and that he fell in. Medics determined he would be fine and took him home. The owner didn’t seek charges against the man.

■ A Gardnerville woman who entered a restaurant on 4:03 p.m. Monday bleeding from a cut on her arm was determined to have injured herself.

Deputies responded to the woman’s home where her husband said she’d broken beer bottles on the garage floor and cut herself. The couple’s granddaughter was in the house during the incident. Deputies determined that no domestic battery had occurred.