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Ranchos complex opening soon

by Jo Rafferty

Taking a run down 40,000-square foot building and refurbishing it into contemporary apartments and a business center isn’t easy, but that didn’t stop Mike Jarrett of Jarrett Construction Company from tackling the job.

Two attempts at running senior care centers at 806 Tillman, built in the Gardnerville Ranchos in the early ’80s, had left the building in shambles. After working on the building for a little more than two years, now there are 26 independent living apartments for seniors ages 55 and older that should be available by the end of the year.

“It is very satisfying,” said Jarrett, as he walked along the sidewalk outside the apartment building. “We turned something the fire chief was considering having bulldozed into someplace people can live for a long time.”

Called the Clocktower Center, the complex will house one- and two-bedroom and studio apartments. It will also have several businesses available to anyone in the community. A core area that used to be a nurses’ station will soon be a central reception area for surrounding executive office suites. What used to be a cafeteria will be a family-style restaurant and space for commercial businesses. More than 20,000 square feet is available for commercial use.

Jarrett said he is planning to have a bank, a beauty shop and a barber at the center. Patrons of the shops and restaurant will not only be residents of the apartments, but the public as well.

“I think this will be welcomed by families,” said Jarrett. “All the businesses are for the entire community.”

One-bedroom apartments will rent for $650 a month. All apartments will feature a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a stove and a microwave oven. One apartment is ADA certified and all are handi-capped accessible. For $95 a month tenants and business owners can rent one of 36 garages.

“If there is space leftover, I’ll rent out to individuals as well,” said Jarrett.

Pretty much everything but the frame was torn down on the entire building, according to Jarrett. The apartments used to be connected with a hallway, but now walls have been placed to separate them. They have new windows and new fire sprinkler systems. Patio areas with coverings have been added to each apartment. The apartment walls have four layers of sheet rock in them to keep them quieter.

“The seniors who live here won’t have to worry about a lot of noise. They can make friends with other seniors,” said Jarrett.

“Others wanted to tear it down. I could see how to fix it with a little bit of work. What really made this project viable was not having to start from scratch.”

Several other custom homes and projects Jarrett has worked on in the area can be viewed on his Web site at passivesolarhomes.com

For information on renting an apartment or commercial space, call Jarrett at 782-9797.

— Jo Rafferty can be reached at jrafferty@recordcourier.com or 782-5121, ext. 213.