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Ranchos church gets green light to expand

It was clear sailing for the Pentacostal Church of God at the Douglas County Planning Commission on Tuesday.

The church, located at 921 Mitch Road at the corner of Riverview Drive, plans to expand with a 4,200 square foot addition.

Planning staff said they haven’t found any previous approvals or building permits associated with the church.

Pastor Larry Spivey is planning to convert the existing sanctuary into a fellowship hall and build on a new sanctuary and classrooms.

At their March meeting, planning commissioners expressed concern that there weren’t as many parking spaces associated with the church as would be called for based on the square footage.

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District approved a new design on April 2, and on Tuesday, planning commissioners indicated they were satisfied with the effort to create more off-street parking by reducing the size of the building.

There is public parking within walking distance of the church including the offices of the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District and at Mitch Park.

The church is located in the public facilities zoning, and four of their neighbors submitted letters of support for the project.

In addition to the waiver of the parking requirement, planning commissioners also agreed to waive the requirement for a 6-foot tall block wall fence.