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Ranchos BofA branch closure raises concerns

by Merrie Leininger

Both the Ranchos and the Gardnerville branches of the Bank of America are adjusting to the loss of the Ranchos branch.

The Ranchos branch closed Sept. 11, forcing Bank of America customers to do business at Raley’s or at the Minden bank.

Paul Stowell, public relations manager for Nevada, said the decision was made to close the Ranchos branch to fit the best interests of the clients and the company.

“Customers felt the Raley’s branch was more centrally located. Business was flowing into that branch,” he said.

The cost of running the Ranchos branch, which was opened in 1991, and of paying the six employees who worked there was too much after the Raley’s branch was opened.

“It was just not a branch that we could justify remaining open,” he said.

All six employees were transferred to other branches, Stowell said.

The ATM at the Gardnerville Ranchos branch is still open and Stowell said the bank will attempt to keep it in the same building once another business moves in.

“If it is sold to another bank, we would have to remove it, but if not, we could feasibly work out an agreement to keep it in that location,” he said.

Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District Manager Bob Spellberg said the district was against the closure and attempted to convince the company to keep the branch open.

n Unhappy GRGID. “We wrote a letter asking them to keep it open, and he wrote back and said it was a business decision,” Spellberg said. “The district is not happy.”

He said he hopes another bank will move in to take Bank of America’s place in the community.

“A bank is a focal part of the community, and we support our businesses,” he said.

Spellberg said the Ranchos could easily support a bank that was interested in becoming a true part of the community.

The bank will be undergoing more changes soon.

The merger with Nations Bank will be complete Oct. 1, Stowell said.

“It won’t affect any operations in Nevada because Nations doesn’t do business here,” he said.

He said the new name, if there will be one, will be announced Sept. 30.

“Even if we do have a new name, we will become the largest commercial and retail bank in the country,” he said.

The bank will boast 5,000 branches in 23 states and have 15,000 ATMs, the largest ATM network in country.

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