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Ranchos board voices concerns over skatepark

by Christina Nelson

Discussion of a skateboard park at Tillman Lane and Patricia Drive was not on the agenda, but Gardnerville Ranchos trustees voiced their concerns about the proposed park at Wednesday night’s meeting.

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District’s board of trustees was discussing a plan for a park on Bluerock Road when some members stated that the skate park may use up all of the funds set aside for park development, leaving nothing for the board’s proposed project.

“I think GRGID is being stung by that skateboard park that nobody in Gardnerville wants,” said trustee Beverly Page.

“I don’t see where we’re going to ever get the money for this Bluerock Park,” said vice chairman Al Wagner. “I don’t think there’s going to be any money left for Bluerock (Park).”

The district will request $175,000 from a $1.4 million fund set aside for parks and recreational facility construction in Douglas County. The estimated cost of the park is $201,000.

Other items on a list to be considered by the commission are $600,000 for phase two of Stodick Park, $800,000 for an inline hockey facility and $500,000 for the skateboard park.

The board is worried that if the skate park, as well as the other projects, receives funding there won’t be enough money in the fund to pay for Bluerock Park.

“If the skateboarders out yell us then we may not be able to muster up that kind of money,” said Chairman Bruce Nystrom.

District Manager Bob Spellberg assured the board that the $500,000 figure is just part of a wish list and that GRGID does have a chance of getting the money for Bluerock Park.

“If their project has merit and it’s good use of the funds, there’s certainly going to be consideration,” said Scott Morgan, parks and recreation community services director.

On the skateboard park: “We’re experimenting with the idea now. A lot of people think it’s a done deal. It’s not,” Morgan said Thursday.

n Next meeting. “It certainly is a sensitive item and we realize that,” he said, adding that anyone is invited to voice their opinions at the next meeting about the skateboard park on Aug. 21 at 9 a.m.

The proposed Bluerock Park would include basketball courts, a fitness course, a playground and a trail system linking other areas of the Ranchos to the park.

Morgan wrote in a memo to the district that the commission “has established a position that larger neighborhood parks or community parks are far more desirable than the type of park proposed on Bluerock.”

He also said that other smaller projects like Bluerock Park have been funded and that the park is unique because of the trail system that gives access to other parts of the Ranchos.

Even if the parks and recreation commission doesn’t fund the park, GRGID can go to the county commissioners for money.

Also at the meeting, the board donated 2 acres of land to the East Fork Fire and Paramedic districts for a station on Mitch Drive.

The decision was unanimous, after some discussion about what would happen to the land originally intended for the station.

The fire department originally planned to build on the land where the skateboard park is planned but felt it would be better to build a joint paramedic and fire station on Mitch Drive because it would be a more central location, said East Fork Fire Chief Jim Reinhardt said.

n Spring construction. The fire department plans to start construction on the station in April or May. Bidding should begin in December, Reinhardt said.

He did not bring a plan of the building to the meeting but hinted that it would look a lot like the County Road facility.

“We did not want to offer anybody an unfair advantage in the bidding process,” Reinhardt said about the absence of the plans.

“We’d be more than happy to come back and work with you (on the plans),” he said. “We want to be good neighbors.”