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Ranchos approve raise

by Merrie Leininger

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District reviewed their yearly evaluation of District Manager Bob Spellberg and voted to give him a 5 percent raise for next year at their Wednesday night meeting.

Spellberg, who has worked for the district for 11 years, now makes $67,451. Five percent will raise his salary to $70,823.

Spellberg thanked board members for their evaluations and promised to work on the projects they suggested, like evaluating the work load and hiring a new foreman.

“I’ll gauge it this year and see if that’s what needs to be done. A foreman and maintenance person would free me to be able to do many more things, but I feel I have the time now,” Spellberg said.

He said another focus the district and trustees need to work on is a better working relationship with the county commissioners on projects that would benefit Ranchos residents.

Trustee Bruce Nystrom said he felt Spellberg was doing the best possible job.

“I enjoy working with Bob. I can go to sleep at night knowing the district is running well, thanks to you,” Nystrom said.

The motion to give Spellberg the raise came from Al Wagner and was seconded by Beverly Page.

n Call the district. The board passed a resolution which will require homeowners to call the district with water or sewer problems before calling a plumber. The board decided to pass the resolution after paying back countless residents who had come before the board with plumbing bills for problems caused by district equipment.

For example, one resident whose pipes froze during the winter paid to have them thawed, only to discover the pipes had frozen all the way back to the meter pit, which was lacking insulation. Because all maintenance of meter pits is the responsibility of the district, he asked the board to repay him for the cost of thawing the pipes.

The district maintains employees are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any water- or sewer-related problems and residents should always call the district office first before calling a plumber. If the district employees find the problem is not caused by the district, then it is the resident’s responsibility to call someone else and pay for the repairs.

The resolution will be added to the policies and procedures manual and notices will be sent to all homeowners.

n Name says the same. The board voted Wednesday night to retain the district as Gardnerville Ranchos as the overwhelming number of voters wanted.

Dewey Jay made the motion to keep the name with little discussion and it was seconded by Victor Hyden. Page voted against the motion.